Fenix Automation is official reseller of the whole range of cab products.


Magazzini PCB Serie 600 / 700 / 800

Precision, stability and flexible handling are important features for the use of the PCB Magazines in automated
assembly lines.

The stable and robust frame construction guarantees a long lasting use of the cab magazine in your production. The rack walls are manufactured from conductive material.

Seperatore PCB MAESTRO 2 / 2M

is the reasonable model to start with, suitable for smaller numbers of PCBs. The PCB is fed manually between the circular blades and is thereby separated.

MAESTRO 2M con azionamento a motore

Separates large numbers of PCBs without fatigue of the operator. The lower circular blade is driven by a motor. The PCB is fed between the circular blades where it is seized, transported and separated. Three different speeds can be selected. Especially useful for high packing density or thin edge stripes.


Separatore PCB MAESTRO 5L

MAESTRO 5L with base frame is used most economically whenever large numbers of pre-scored PCBs need to be separated. The well-arranged control panel ensures easy operation.

Machine with base frame – adjustable in height for optimal modification of each application.

PCB panels with maximum width of 310 mm can be separated by up to 11 pairs of circular blades simultaneously. Configuration of the blades is adjusted to your individual PCB also the cover and the guide.

Sensors are used to monitor the separating process. The PCBs are placed either by hand or they feed automatically by a loading station. The machine can also be installed in an assembling line. The SMEMA interface is the standard connection for use.

New: every machine is automatically prepared for dust extraction and with cleaning brushes for rear-end conveyor.

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